Bridging the Gap.

Block2 is proud to be providing a centralised, transparent network that can facilitate improved workforce mobility
assist in reducing the gap between supply and demand within the trades sector. Providing a
real-time picture of the industry workforce, Block2 can identify where reskilling and
upskilling of the
workforce is needed most.

Understanding skills shortages

We utilise jobseeker-created profiles and employer-system API feeds to record activities ranging from secondary or tertiary training through to retirement, including qualifications, licenses, visas, location, remuneration and job performance.

Facilitating labour mobility

The industry is grappling with a classic ‘skill mismatch’ problem. While the skills of non-residential workers are readily transferrable into the housing sector, this transition is often not as smooth and immediate as we might expect.

Equipping job seekers with skills in demand

We support other Australian businesses in identifying their current and emerging resourcing requirements through the network, providing a real time map for existing and future opportunities in the industry.

At our core, Block2 aims to help small business use their assets and resources more efficiently via an easy-to-use tech-based solution. We understand that businesses will have peaks and troughs of work, and we seek to reduce the pain points to propel the building and construction industry forward.
Eden Spencer
CEO & Founder

Revolutionising the Building and Construction Industry